Airboat Rides

Feel the excitement of getting up close and personal with Florida’s wildlife on a thrilling airboat ride.  The best way to see the St. Johns River is by boat and airboats provide a unique way to observe the river’s many native bird and reptile species.  Airboats are a type of flat-bottomed boat powered by a propeller and engine.  They are common in marshy regions where other boats may not be as effective and airboats can navigate shallow waters especially well.

Airboat tours are typically marketed toward eco-tourism and feature wildlife viewing and educational lectures about the local ecosystems.  Most commonly, airboat tours allow viewing of alligators, bald eagles in their native habitat, egrets, cranes, herons, and a host of turtle and bird species.  Voice activated headsets allow passengers to listen to the experienced captain as they speak about the river, native animal species, and Florida’s amazing natural habitats.  The headsets also allow passengers to ask questions about the fascinating protected habitats that can only be found in Central Florida.

Many airboat services understand that tourists want a memorable hands on experience and fun photos to show the folks back home.  This is why they often have a visitor center featuring a few “pets” such as baby alligators and snakes, which can be handled by visitors.

Our Titusville hotel is located only five miles from Airboat Rides at Midway; a local tour operator.  Other nearby airboat ride tours are A-Awesome Airboat RidesAirboat Rides at Loughman Lake, and Ray’s Airboat Rides. To find out more about Titusville airboat rides or to book a tour, please click on any of the links above.