Jungle Adventures

If you are driving down Highway 50 there is no way to miss the gigantic alligator sculpture, “Swampy,” which marks the entrance to Jungle Adventures Nature & Animal Park.  This monstrous creature is only one of many that you will encounter within the park.

Jungle Adventures provides a family friendly experience where kids can observe real alligators, white-tailed deer, gray wolves, black bears, and the rare Florida panther.  These animals are hosted in enclosures meant to simulate their natural habitat.  While at the park you can watch the gators being fed.  There are sometimes more than 200 alligators present along the river cruises.

Unlike many museums and parks, the Jungle Adventure provides the opportunity to touch live baby alligators, snakes, birds, and other animals.  You can bring home stunning photos and videos of your family holding a gator, petting an iguana, or wearing a live snake on your arm.

Jungle Adventures hosts expeditions both on land, in the swamp, and on the river.  Their tours center on wildlife viewing and informative talks on those natural habitats that comprise the tour.  In addition to the guided tours, Jungle Adventures boasts a recreation of a historic Spanish Fort from the 16th century and a recreation of an early Native American village.  While at these fascinating locations, you will learn about the rich history of the conquistadors and the people whom they encountered.  They even have dinner cruises available!  To view their website, please click here.