Mosquito Lagoon

Get ready for the catch of a lifetime when you go saltwater fishing off Florida’s Atlantic Coast.  Canaveral National Seashore is the East Coast’s premier saltwater fishing destination and is home to the world-famous Mosquito Lagoon.  Experience one of Titusville, Florida’s most unique attractions when you visit the Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River – where the water comes to life.  Thanks to bioluminescence plankton floating throughout the lagoon, even the flow of water can generate a supernatural glow to the water.  Kayak through the lagoon with a wide variety of animals ranging from manatees, porpoises, and stingray all completely aglow in the water.

The Mosquito Lagoon is famous for Red Drum fishing and is a popular destination for birdwatchers and nature tours.  Fisherman travel from all over to experience some of the best site-fishing and fly-fishing there is.  In October hundreds of fisherman flock to Florida’s East Coast for the Annual Hunt for the Reds Fishing Tournament and many choose the Mosquito Lagoon as their spot to compete.

Mosquito Lagoon is one of the most amazing fishing destinations in the county because it is a spawning ground for Redfish.  It is geographically protected from tidal flow and is therefore the perfect location for these large fish to breed and live.  Additionally, the lagoon hosts a myriad of bird species and is a gathering ground for manatees due to the clam conditions.

There are many local fishing guide services based in and around Titusville to help you plan you fishing adventure.  These services provide a skiff and Captain.  Should you book with a licensed captain, everyone on your trip is allowed to fish under their license.  Experience the thrill of reeling in a giant speckled trout, a snook, or a tarpon.  Savor the flavor of fresh seafood that you caught yourself.

Three local guide services that specialize in saltwater fishing are Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters, Xtreme Saltwater Angler, and Orlando Saltwater Fishing Guide.  To find out more about East Coast salt water fishing or to book a tour, visit one of the links above.